A Humanitarian Call From Makassed

Since its establishment, Makassed has strived to offer social and economic support to its community.

With the rapid increase in the numbers of COVID-19 patients, its role has become more challenging.

At Makassed General Hospital, doctors, nurses and other health workers are physically and emotionally overwhelmed because of the pressing situation, bravely coping with scarce resources and unrestrained contagion. MGH has recently expanded its COVID-19 unit to include 18 new beds, 5 new ICU rooms (reaching a total of 10), and a new department with a capacity of 22 additional beds will be operational by the end of January 2021. The sharp rise of COVID-19 cases has led to a critical supply shortage of medical materials, personal protective equipment, medicine, and ventilators.

While the financial situation worsens and the pandemic is quickly spreading, the Ministry of Public Health is still failing to pay its dues that exceed LBP 10 billion. Moreover, the hospital is still waiting on the government to settle previous payments that have been postponed.

Makassed calls on its members, graduates and friends in Lebanon and abroad to stand by its hospital. Your help is essential to allow MGH to continue to fulfill its humanitarian and health mission.

For donations, visit or through a bank transfer (accounts details below), or call: 71-845527