Mentorship program

About the mentorship program:

The youth mentorship program is complementary to the competency-based training program Makassed is implementing with the support of UNICEF Lebanon. The program provides guidance and support for youth to allow them to take ownership of their personal and professional growth. Mentors and youths will participate in group sessions as well as one-to-one guidance hours.

What is mentorship?

[Mentorship is a] sustained relationship between a young person and an adult in which the adult provides the young person with support, guidance, and assistance.

The impact of mentorship on youth’s education, career, and mental health

Mentorship can have profound positive effects on young people’s academic and professional performance, self-confidence and mental health. It therefore goes beyond providing support to overcome personal challenges – it empowers leaders and enables youth to take charge of their future.

Mentorship will provide an important layer of support to at-risk youth as they pursue personal, vocational, and entrepreneurship training and serve as a safety net as they transition to work or entrepreneurship.

My mentorship journey:

After joining our mentors’ hub, you will meet other professional mentors and become part of our humanitarian network, receive mentorship training, get matched to a mentee and get to know them, set a mentorship plan, and embark on a great journey!

Reasons to become a mentor:

  • Mentors frequently report they get much more than they give.
  • Mentorship is a terrific way to give back and make an impact by sharing your business expertise.
  • Through mentoring, mentors develop their leadership, communication, and teaching skills.
  • Mentorship allows to meet new people and expand personal and professional networks.
  • Accomplishing great things together is an incredible bonding experience – both mentor and mentee get to share in the satisfaction of creating something new, something better.
  • A volunteer mentor is only committed to participating for the duration of the mentorship cycle.
  • Typical mentorship relationships involve about 1 to 2 hours every two weeks for 6 to 9 months.
  • Be a role model for future generations! 
  • Give back to your community.
  • Meeting new people with similar interests is fun!

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