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A message from the President

The new Board of Trustees took the helm of Makassed and launched a process of revitalization of its education, health and social services sectors, a confident qualitative leap built on trust and transparency to reaffirm its historical prestige.More than 142 years after the establishment of our Association, it is time to improve the way in which we address our audience and rekindle the bond with your Makassed.Innovative and open to the world, our new website and logo mirror our development plan. We have set the bar high in all our sectors and we are working to ensure that our audience is at the very heart of each of our activities. This bar guides our entire identity and leads us to adapt to the new digital world.

Makassed has always been and remains at the forefront of the Lebanese society. The latest necessary renovations and restructuring have allowed us to improve our service offering to the community, keeping our pledge to abide by the vision set by our founding fathers: educating the new generations and helping the most vulnerable. The road ahead is still a long and arduous one, but I trust we will overcome challenges together, with the determination and hard work of our entire team.

Dr. Faisal Badreddine Sinno