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About Us

The Unit oversees religious activities in Makassed mosques and centers. It is responsible for supervising the religious programs of the Association by promoting and overseeing activities in line with the funding mission and policies of Makassed.

Mission and Vision

The Unit is committed to preserving Muslim doctrines, principles and values, emphasizing and promoting the essence of Islam far from any extremist beliefs. It is also responsible for the physical aspect of mosques and centers, ensuring that they are clean, safe, comfortable and alluring.


  1. Organizing events for religious occasions;
  2. Hosting religious courses and lectures;
  3. Organizing seminars;
  4. Following up on activities conducted by the mosques and centers, and providing guidance for religious scholars and imams and coordinating their duties;
  5. Drafting reports on the physical and spiritual needs of the mosques;
  6. Enhancing connections with other organizations, and coordinating with formal religious authorities throughout Lebanon.

List of Mosques

Arab Mosque - Horj

Arab Mosque, Al Horj – Barbir main road

Built in 1899, the mosque accommodates around 1500 worshipers.

Activities: Seminars –Summer religion courses

Abu Bakr Al Sadeeq Mosque -Kantari

Abu Bakr Al-Siddiq Mosque – Al Kantari main road

Built in 1905 following an initiative of Sheikh Abdul Rahman Al Hout, then head of Makassed Islamic Association of Beirut. It can accommodate around 500 worshipers.

Activities: Seminars – Summer religion courses

Salim Salam Mosque

Salim Salam Mosque – Salim Salam main road

Built in 1986, this mosque accommodates around 500 worshipers and has a hall designed for social events.

Activities: Seminars – Summer religion courses

Sibnay Mosque

Sabnieh Mosque - Baabda - Hadat

Inaugurated in 2003 in the town of Sabnieh, it accommodates around 750 worshipers.

Facilities: A hall for social events – Sabnieh Official School

Activities: Seminars – Religious courses throughout the yeara

Baalchmay Mosque

Baalchmay Mosque - Baalchmay main road

Built in 1966, the building can accommodate around 1000 worshipers and has a hall dedicated to social events

Activities: Seminars – Summer religion courses

Khashkaji Mosque

Khashoggi Mosque - Kaskas main road

Inaugurated in 1981 thanks to a donation by Adnan Khashoggi and in the presence of late President Saeb Salam, it can accommodate about 2000 worshipers.

Facilities: Two halls for social events – A garden

Activities: Seminars – Summer religious courses